A: City Consultancy Bangladesh Limited..

A: An educational consultant is a skilled professional who works individually with students and families to help identify schools that will best fit the needs of the student.These needs may be academic, social, financial, or any combination of these areas.

A: Work with honesty, dignity & our successful history of having 100% visa success. Our organization is comprised of educated, skilled, motivated, highly competent and well behaved counselors and officers having dynamic personalities and experience in assessing and evaluating the abilities of the students intending to study abroad.CCBL believes in offering professional and honest services to students since our aim is to see the smile on your faces.

A: At this critical time of a children’s life, getting the right advice can be difficult. Expert help is readily available from a specialized, professional independent educational consultant. Their combination of expertise and personal attention can make an enormous difference in the quality of your child's future education. Through an Educational Consultant you could save both time & money in taking a better decision. An Educational Consultant, such as CCBL, can help you pick the “right” choice for the student after a proper assessment.

A: We will tell you exactly what fees you need to pay and when you have to pay. You will register with CCBL only after you are fully aware and satisfied with CCBL’s terms and conditions.

A: Not a problem at all! We are open 6 days a week. 10am to 6pm. You can Call in our hotline numbers, send us email , visit our fb page to gather primary information.

A: Yes please. We strongly recommend our students to bring their parents or guardians. It saves time in terms of making the right decision while a 3-party (you, your parents/guardians and CCBL) meeting ensures we all know what we are doing and most importantly, doing in the right way.

A: No. Neither educational institutions nor visa offices give any priority to English-medium students. Bangla-medium students get equal assessment as others.

A: Well, it’s depending on the country & situation

A: If students provide monetary security then NO, original documents is not required. But student doesn’t provide any Monetary Security then he/she must have to submit original Documents.

A: We recommend students to apply as soon as they are ready to apply. Many universities have application deadline which, in most cases, is mostly 3 months prior to semester start date. However, seats in the good universities fill up quickly. Therefore, we strongly suggest our students to apply as early as possible. Please remember that some of our partner institutions may accept applications from us beyond published deadline. However, it is not recommended to wait until then.

It is better to take time to make the best possible decision than to make a wrong decision in Haste!