City Consultancy Ltd

City Consultancy Limited mission vision


  •   To provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services network for prospective students and the institutions we represent.
  •   To maximize contribution to our human resources and make the work environment friendly, challenging and conducive for their personal and professional growth.
  •   To provide global solutions related to education and migration under one roof.


  •   Handling admission for foreign candidates to educational establishments in all over the world.
  •   Implementing and executing new educational programs which are focused on the needs of the 22nd century in order to upgrade educational standards and academic levels in any field.
  •   Organization and the utilization of new teaching methods (distant learning programs, teaching in languages other than English).
  •   Exchange programs, for students and professionals.
  •   The maintenance of a Human Resource Database of professionals and job oriented courses for multinational companies, which are drafted as per their demands.


The Main objectives are:

  •   To make CCBL as an international standard consultancy organization through its excellent services.
  •   To provide expert advice to students to choose the best colleges and universities world over the World.
  •   To become honest, reliable and renowned professional consultants across the country & throughout the World.
  •   To earn long-lasting and undetectable goodwill of the consultancy business as well as CCBL.
  •   To develop friendly and life-long relationship with the students as well as with the foreign organizations.